Odin AI Notetaker

Make every team meeting productive with effortless note-taking, real-time transcriptions action item highlights and more.

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Before the Meet

  • Prepare agenda and invite participants
  • Pre-meeting reminders
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During the Meet

  • Free from note-taking burden
  • Real-time transcription
  • Instant live summaries
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After the Meet

  • Send follow ups via e-mail
  • Easy access to meeting transcripts
  • Include the action items
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Real-time Transcriptions

Swiftly captures meetings, transforming them into detailed transcripts.Get live summaries during your meetings to easily grasp the key points, saving you the need to revisit the entire session.

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Instant Answers With AI-Powered Search

Get the insights you need in seconds. Chat with Odin during meetings, ask questions, and get instant answers.

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Integrates with Apps You Use

Easily link with apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet to sync your calendar for seamless meeting management. Share post-meeting summaries with participants via email right away.

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Collaboration and Analysis

Enhance productivity by highlighting action item insights and Identifying individual speakers in meetings.

Your Cross-Organizational Solution for Efficient and Effective Note-Taking

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Get instant critical insights and strategies discussed on your sales calls.

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Capture creative ideas and tracking campaign progress in important marketing calls.

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HR Recruiting

Automating interview documentation for accurate candidate analysis and swift decision-making.

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Transforming education with accurate transcriptions of lectures and discussions for comprehensive learning.

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Never miss a detail about your product with an efficient AI note taking process.

Transform The Way You Interact With Data