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Conversational AI

Unlock Your Creativity

GPT-4 for tasks like content creation, writing assistance, brainstorming, interactive discussions and more, all powered by advanced NLP and ML.

Continuous LearningContinuous Learning
Data Source CompatibilityData Source Compatibility
Contextual & intelligent responsesContextual & intelligent responses

AI Meeting Notetaker

AI Meeting Assistant

Make Every Team Meeting Productive

effortlessEffortless note-taking
transriptionsReal-time transcriptions
insightsIntelligent insights

Tech Support Agent

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Efficiently manage large volume of support tickets, offer product insights, gather valuable feedback, and more.

seamless-integrationSeamless Integration
Intelligent Data ExtractionIntelligent Data Extraction
AI-Powered TroubleshootingAI-Powered Troubleshooting

Knowledge Base

Upload Custom Data

Integrate relevant data for your enterprise. Align AI responses with your business specifics for brand consistency.

Analytics and InsightsAnalytics and Insights
Multi-source connectivityMulti-source connectivity
Security and PrivacySecurity and Privacy

E-Commerce Support Agent

Elevate Your
E-Commerce Experience

Effortlessly manage orders, provide real-time updates, write product description and expertly address inquiries on Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

Product InformationProduct Information
Customer InquiriesCustomer Inquiries
Orders Updates & RefundsOrders Updates & Refunds
Ecommerce Support Agent

Invoice Extractor

Invoice Management At Your Fingertips

Effortless invoice data extraction using AI-powered OCR for quick, secure, and accurate financial workflows.

Multi-lingual SupportMulti-lingual Support
API IntegrationAPI Integration
Secure Data HandlingSecure Data Handling
Bulk ProcessingBulk Processing
Invoice Extractor

Legal Agent

Unlock Legal Intelligence

Fastrack your legal process with AI-powered research, document analysis, contract review, and more

Deposition SummaryDeposition Summary
Clause Comparison & ExtractionClause Comparison & Extraction
Compliance MonitoringCompliance Monitoring
Document OrganizationDocument Organization
Legal agent

Finance Agent

Drive Business With Confidence

Seamlessly analyze CSV, Excel, and Google Sheets data with powerful features for informed financial decision-making.

Upload & Link SheetsUpload &
Link Sheets
Custom ConfigurationCustom Configuration
Instant Insights with AccuracyInstant Insights with Accuracy
Finance Agent

Translator Agent

Empowering Global Communication

Seamlessly localize your content into multiple languages, supporting document formats like HTML, PDF, Word, Txt, SRT, and more.

Bulk Content TranslationBulk Content Translation
100+ Languages100+ Languages
Shorten market timeShorten market time
Video & Image TranscriptionVideo & Image Transcription

Transform The Way You Interact With Data