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Odin AI's content marketing capabilities are top-notch. Odin’s ability to create custom personalities enables us to deliver high-quality, engaging, and relevant content consistent with our brand voice.


Marketing Head, FMCG Company

I use ODIN AI for digesting large batches of reports and data. I found your platform to save me WEEKS of time digesting hundreds of pages of numerous dense documents. I have not yet found a better tool.


CEO, Ed Tech Start Up

Odin, with its exceptional data management and automation capabilities, has revolutionized our operations. Its robust integrations have streamlined our systems, improved decision-making, and boosted productivity.


IT Manager, SaaS Product Company

Odin AI has revolutionized our customer service department. With its intelligent assistance in resolving support tickets, it has significantly reduced resolution time, leading to higher customer satisfaction. It's not just a tool, it's a game-changer in customer support!


CSM, Manufacturing

Odin’s Notetaker has been amazing! It works with Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom. It has saved our sales team hours of note-taking, enabling us to stay focused during meetings. The ability to easily search and distribute these transcriptions with action items has significantly boosted productivity! :)


Sales Manager, eCommerce

Our automation team started using Odin this year and are wowed by it! We see Odin’s capabilities as a powerful & central enabler of our Gen AI strategy.


VP, IT & Information Security, RPA

Odin AI helps Enterprises, government agencies and startups with:


Brand Compliance


Custom Templates




Knowledge Graph


Model Finetuning

Meet Odin - AI Based Conversational Assistant

Custom Knowledge Base

AI connected to the Internet

With Odin Conversational AI Google Search integration, engage in real-time conversations on current event.

Custom Knowledge Base

Natural Language chat

Upload various formats - PDFs, Links, Blog posts, Videos, and more; Odin Conversational Assistant extracts key info and crafts content from your important document.

Custom Knowledge Base

Automate Tasks

Get tasks done seamlessly with Odin task automator.

Custom Knowledge Base

Seamless Team Collabs

Share prompts across departments to foster teamwork and streamline your workflow for better productivity.

Odin AI Notetaker

Custom Knowledge Base

Automated Transcription

Effortlessly convert your calls into accurate text sentences.

Custom Knowledge Base

AI-Powered Search

Find and extract valuable information quickly from the call.

Custom Knowledge Base

Action Items Highlights

Stay on top of your action items, ensuring that no task goes unnoticed or forgotten.

Custom Knowledge Base

Speaker Identification

Gain clarity and context by easily identifying who said what during meetings.

Custom Knowledge Base

Sync with Multiple Apps

Odin connects with Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, syncing with your calendar.

Odin AI ChatBot Builder

Custom Knowledge Base

Custom Knowledge Base

Upload sitemaps, files, and URLs to train on your unique data, enabling this AI Chatbot to assist customers with personalized responses.

Custom Knowledge Base

Tailored Chat Bots

Customize your AI chatbot with logos, colors, and messages for a cohesive brand experience. Set starter questions and guidelines for a truly consistent experience

Custom Knowledge Base

No-code Integration

Easily set up Odin chatbot with no-code; embed on your site or integrate via API for a seamless experience

Custom Knowledge Base

Multilingual Support

Reach a global audience with Odin AI Chatbot support for up to 30 languages, offering multilingual capabilities

Odin Task Automator

Automator Icons

From tasks and workflows to apps and systems, build and automate anything in one powerful visual platform

Learn more about Task Automator

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